Super Stick Phase
A silly stick man and his silly stick adventures.

Last update: Sept 9, 2009.

Super Stick Phase was born several years ago, sometime mid 2004, and had an okay run on In addition to our hero, the comic occasionally featured several other characters who's persona's were based off other members of the community. It was a very fun comic to run (But admittedly, mediocre at best).

Unfortunately SSP died a little early - around 50 or so comics in I guess – due to a freak “I got lazy and didn't back files up and lost it all” accident. I made one or two last posts and SSP bowed out.

Fast forward to late 2008, and here we are. This is an attempt to revive him. I'm currently doing a mix of old and new comics.

Tidbits of info:

Finally put together a mailing list for update notifications.

The forums are just there to be there. It's fun to set stuff up on a server, those were about the second thing I did. Figured I'd use 'em!

If the comic manages to get any traffic I may open the store.

Donations are obviously welcome. Nothing would please me more than for the public to want to help me help SSP. But I wholeheartedly expect that link to remain un-clicked - and that's just fine. :)


-As I said, this comic was mediocre at best. It may very well stay that way.
-I am no artist. I apologize for how bad my drawings are!
-I am no web designer. I'm having fun building the site though.

Contact: You can contact me using this form with comments, questions or suggestions.

Anyway. Happy reading, hope you enjoy!

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